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Welcome to the Duplo On-Line Ordering Website

The online facility enables all Duplo Distributors to purchase Duplo products via the web. This system is fully automated and works alongside our administration and warehouse team to ensure ordered parts reach you in record time with minimal fuss.

How it works:

  • Login: Using your individual logon code and password to gain access to the product catalogue.

    If you do not have a username and password please contact your Duplo administration team who will get this setup immediately for you.

  • Choose your products: Select the products you require and add them to your order. You can view the contents of your order by clicking the link to "View Order" at any time.
  • Submit your Order: Submit your order to complete the process and you will receive an email confirmation of the order within 24 hours.
  • Take Delivery: Your available products will be delivered within the agreed time and the delivery time of any unavailable items will be advised via your Order Acknowledgement/Proforma invoice.

It's that simple!

Benefits of the Online System:

  • Reliable: The ordering software is fully integrated with our stock software meaning the order is placed directly onto our computerised ordering system and will be fully processed within 24 hours.
  • Easy to Use: Over 80,000 stock items have been catalogued and can be found using the Product Search facility. Once you have found the product that you need you simply add it to your order. You may add as many items as you like before completing your order.
  • No Time Wasting: If you know the product reference, the Order Entry Form enables you to order all & also means you don't have to waste time creating an email to order parts.
  • Accurate Prices: All prices are updated overnight so the price you see is always correct. Both your customer and order information is uploaded nightly so that you know what you ordered is on our system and is being processed without any contact with Duplo.
  • Special Instructions: This facility enables you to enter Instructions to the Admin team, which is flagged up when handling your order. Such as "Only ship Complete" or Use Account Number:...
  • Delivery Options: The system gives you the option to request your items to be delivered to either your account address or direct to your customer's address.
  • Fast Delivery: All orders are processed within 24 hours of being received. Our expansive and well-stocked warehouse uses the latest bar-code stock control technology which has streamlined the picking process to ensure your orders arrive on time every time.
  • Delivery Note: Once goods have been consigned and a courier AWB number assigned to the shipment with the Dispatch department. An automated Delivery Note will be sent to the email address, from which the order was received. This Delivery Note advises which goods have been shipped and which goods are to follow.


  • Sales Order History: The listing shown within this function, shows your sales orders as of the close of business on the previous working day.
  • By clicking on the Your Order Number within Sales Order History, this directs you into your orders and contains the Expected Delivery Date information for all outstanding items. This information is linked to Duplo's Axis system.
  • Statement of Account: The statement below shows current outstanding Invoices as of the close of business on the previous working day.


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